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Facility Description

Vibration Test Facility simulates the low frequency vibrations caused by a rocket in the process of the satellite launch, to verify whether the satellite can function normally after bearing such vibrations, and whether the designs and analysis of the satellite structure meet the vibration requirements. To conduct the test, a vibration control equipment that is used for controlling a power amplifier would start a large-volume 150KN vibration machine on which the satellite is placed upon, through the extension platform and the horizontal-slide bench of the vibration machine to carry out a three-axial vibration test in vertical and horizontal directions respectively.

Test Facilities

• 150KN Shaker test system

• 4400lb Shaker test system

Service Scope

• Simulation of vibration environment test

• Structure vibrations test

Facility specifications 

150KN big vibration test facility

Max Force

150KN peak

Max Displacement

38mm peak-peak on 5Hz ~ 15Hz

Max Velocity

1.78m/s on 15Hz ~ 88Hz

Max Acceleration

100g on 88Hz ~ 2,000Hz

4400lb small vibration test facility

Max Force

2000kgf peak

Max displacement

50mm peak-peak on 5Hz ~ 7.5Hz

Max Velocity

1.15m/s on 7.2Hz ~ 102Hz

Max Acceleration

75g on 102Hz ~ 2,000Hz


• TAF Certificated: National Space Organization Integration and Test Lab (Accreditation Number: 2482), certificated item is vibrations test field.

• ISO 9001

Service Performance

• 150KN big vibration test facility:

• FORMOSAT-1,-2, -3,-5 & -7 satellite and structure vibrations tests. (NSPO)

• CubeSat Battery Cell vibrations tests. (NSPO)

• Ultra Fast Flash Observatory instrument vibrations test. ( NTU and EWU)

• PACE Satellites plan CKUTEX vibration test. (NCKU)

• Network workstation cabinet structure vibration test. (MITAC)


• 4400lb small vibration test facility:

• Sounding Rocket Bus. (NCTU)

• CubeSat Serial Satellite Bus. (NCKU)

• FS-5 Correct Lens Assembly、FPA Assembly、RSI Filter. (NSPO)

• FS-7 FIRU EQM Component、Gyro Component、GPSR Component、Space Level GPSR Component、 AU Antenna. (NSPO)

• Damping Material Research、Latching valve and solenoid valve of RCS System etc. (NSPO)

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