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EMC & Antenna Test


Facility Description

The electromagnetic compatibility tests are used for assessing whether electromagnetic interference phenomena exist among various satellite subsystems (including payloads). The assessments include the use of satellite antenna and a probe reader to conduct radiation and transmission tests, in order to understand electromagnetic field response produced by the satellite itself under normal operation, and find out the electromagnetic wave interference limit for which the satellite can tolerate. Antenna Measurement System has seven-axial action abilities, and can automatically perform antenna property measurement.

Test Equipment

• EMC Anechoic Chamber

• EMI Test equipment

• EMS Test equipment

• Antenna Measurement System

Service Scope

A. EMC Test

• Conducted emissions

• Conducted susceptibility

• Radiated emissions

• Radiated susceptibility


B.Antenna Measurement

• Antenna Pattern

• Antenna Gain

Facility Specifications

• EMC Anechoic Chamber:

-Operation area: 10 meters (length) × 13 meters (width) × 8 meters (height)

-Frequency range: up to 18 GHz

• EMI test equipment: 30 Hz to 18 GHz

• EMS test equipment: 30 Hz to 18 GHz

• Antenna measurement system: 1 GHz to 6 GHz


• TAF Certificated: National Space Organization Integration and Test Lab (Accreditation Number: 2482), certificated item are antenna pattern and antenna gain.

• ISO 9001

Service Performance


FORMOSAT-1、FORMOSAT-2、FORMOSAT-3、FORMOSAT-5、FORMOSAT-7、National Central University、 Pyras Technology Inc.、CMOS Sensor Inc.


B. Antenna

Industrial Technology Research Institute、Electronics Testing Center、National Taiwan University、National Chiao Tung University、Hwa Yao Technologies Co., Ltd.、RF Castle Electronics Co., Ltd、WIFI-Link Technologies Co., Ltd.、JONSA technologies Co. Ltd.

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